Proper Attic Ventilation: Why It Matters


The attic is something that doesn’t immediately come to mind when it comes to getting the best performance out of your roof. On the contrary, the attic actually plays a big role in keeping your roof in its best possible condition. Before you start on your fall roofing maintenance project, though, learn why proper attic ventilation matters to your roof. … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Roofing Experience


This fall season is the best time to improve or repair your home, including roofing projects. Before anything else, though, you should prioritize your roof’s existing problems before winter arrives. While it’s tempting to do the roof maintenance project on your own, it’s smarter to hire a contractor. Lone-Star Roof Systems explains the importance of hiring an experienced roofing contractor for this purpose. … [Read more...]

Standing Seam Metal Roofs: Beauty and Protection


Metal roofing has become the material of choice for many homeowners. It’s a more durable alternative to traditional asphalt shingles and arguably more versatile when it comes to sheer aesthetics. Of its numerous types, the standing seam variety has taken over as the “traditional” metal roofing system, and it's a great option if you want to modernize your home without radically changing its outward appearance. … [Read more...]